Food Waste and Climate Change

Why listen?

My granny has always taught me the art of gratitude by reminding me to be thankful for what I own and have done so far. For example, she never threw away any edible leftovers or stale bread, stressing the value of food. How come today we have forgotten the lesson and started to discard so much food? Can we get away with it easily?

 In the podcast episode by Deliciously Ella you will find out:

    why the food waste problem is a big issue in climate change mitigation;

   what environmental impact food waste has on our planet;

   what earth overshoot day is;

   how each of us can reduce the amount of food we toss daily.

If you strive to live more sustainably or just simply want to learn how to make judicious decisions, this episode is definitely an eye-opener and will surely prod you to think out-of-the-box.