‘‘For me learning a language is like a deck of cards lying face down on the table. As you start learning and understanding, the cards start opening up for you.’

Marc Green

Our parents tell us time and again how important it is to master a foreign language. As a result, we devilishly learn those vocabulary lists and chunks and feverishly cram for exams, pulling several all-nighters, — all in the pursuit of achieving our language goals (which initially seem unattainable). As years pass, we become more confident and understand why we have been putting in a great deal of effort all this time. However, we also realise that all the sophisticated vocabulary and grammar rules we’ve acquired hardly scratch the surface of what is really included in the real language context. 

In his inspiring and insightful Ted Talk, Marc Green, who is a passionate foreign language learner, explains:

— why we should go on improving our language skills after reaching a fluency level;

— how the language competence we develop surpasses our greatest expectations; 

— what we can do to reach native-like fluency in any language; 

— how learning a new language can benefit your life in the most powerful and unexpected way. 

If you want to securely anchor yourself to reaching your most ambitious linguistic goal, watch the Ted Talk to become even more motivated.