Many of you may know something about the lymphatic system, and some may even do something to help it flowing easier into our bodies. But for some, this topic may seem really unknown. We know that it exists, but what for? 

Well, this part of our body is crucial to our health and well-being. Sometimes we might notice that our eyes become puffy after drinking lots of water before you go to bed. And you may think that it’s okay, but the thing is that the lymphatic system may be the root cause of many problems in our bodies (way more than puffy eyes in the morning), and even diseases.

If you want to learn why and, therefore, how to do a lymphatic massage, what diseases it may cure, which herbs are helpful for the lymph and many more invaluable tips, — just give this episode a go.

Put on your comfy sneakers, grab your headphones and allow yourself an hour walk in the park, listening to the podcast. 

Be ready for tons of laughs and love out there and remember that your body is a miracle! 

You can listen to it on Apple podcasts or watch it on YouTube. I’d also highly recommend you watch a full tutorial of a Self Lymphatic Massage and do the massage at the same time.

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Text: Lyubov Zhilina

Photos: Organic Olivia YouTube channel