Why listen?

The best podcast episode we’ve found so far about how we can create an abundance mindset and learn how to really change our financial situation.

In their conversation, Mimi and Alex talk about their struggles and takeaways to become financially prosperous and live their best lives.

Here Mimi and Alex speculate on:

how parents can shape our own financial values;

why we shouldn’t believe that we’re saving if at the same time we’re in debt;

how valuing our own worth can help develop the idea of feeling full;

how not to lose relationships over money;

when it’s a good time to rent or buy and why it’s better to rent in a big city;

why the richest people tend to save up the most;

how to invest in yourself and reap the rewards;

why visualisation and putting in the hard work are essential;

why we should learn to live within our means and spend less than we earn;

how money is transformed into energy;

Highly recommended for all of you who want to change their financial situation, even if it’s great at the moment.