‘You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.

Hal Elrod

Every time I look at the stack of unread books on my bookshelves, I always feel a little desperate, because I don’t have enough time to keep each of them company, indulging in the wisdom they impart. In other words, I am afraid to miss out on the valuable information that I seem to voluntarily suppress. Fortunately, I managed to find the solution — I started listening to podcasts featuring the authors I’m interested in. 

One of the books I’ve been longing to devour is ‘The Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod, which provides handy tips on how to make our mornings more productive and prepare for the day ahead. Luckily for me, my favorite podcast host, Deliciously Ella, invited Hal to explore his idea of ‘Miracle Morning’ so that we could adopt a new morning routine right away. 

‘MOTIVATION is what gets you started. HABIT is what keeps you going’

Hal Elrod

In the podcast episode Ella and Hal discuss:

— how ‘The Miracle Morning’ routine can empower your day;

— what 6 habits can help you kick-start a productive day;

— how to gradually adapt to the new way of starting your morning;

— what long-term benefits your new morning routine will bring you. 

If you want to craft your life-changing morning, listen to the Deliciously Ella podcast to find out how to do it.

Text: Alexandra Finyakina

Photos: @hal_elrod